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Excellent badminton coach

1. Professional background Entered Jinhua Junior Sports School at the age of 7 to study badminton, and at the age of 12 entered Chen Jinglun in Hangzhou for further study

2. Teaching philosophy: treat teaching professionally and attentively, and treat students closely and amicably

3. Qualification certificate: first aid nursing experience, national first-class computer

English Level 3

4. Awards over the years:
2018 Shanghai University Badminton Championship Group A Men's Singles 4th place
2019 Shanghai University Badminton Championships and Shanghai University Games Badminton Men's Singles Group 4th, Men's Doubles Group 4th
2020 Shanghai Jiguang Cup Doubles Champion

badminton Minor Sports School
badminton doubles champion
medical care
Computer level one

nthusiastic in class, very patient with children!

Teaching Attitude: Serious, hands-on teaching, good at discovering students' problems, correct demonstrations, and correct actions.

Teaching experience: More than 2 years of badminton teaching experience.

Adversity tempers the will, exercise strengthens the body