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From 1996 to 2000, the Chinese national badminton team has devoted itself to promoting mass badminton activities since 2000.

Guanjin Sports was founded by Zhu Yunyi in Hangzhou in August 2003. There are four major businesses including badminton hall operation, badminton training, badminton test, competition and public welfare.

In July 2018, the company successfully organized the badminton proficiency test for the first time and contributed to the development of the entire industry. It was recognized and praised by the Chinese Badminton Association and experts.

On June 29, 2019 and January 11, 2020, two sessions of the Badminton Level Test of the China Badminton Association were successfully held. The number of young people who signed up for each session exceeded 100, exceeding expectations. Young people from nearby Anhui and Shanghai have also arrived. Come. Qianjiang Evening News followed up the report throughout the entire process and received good social response.

Master,East China Normal University
Leader of the Badminton Evaluation Group of China Badminton Association
Member of National Fitness Committee of China Badminton Association
Former member of the Chinese National Badminton Team

She is currently a member of the National Fitness Committee of the China Badminton Association and the leader of the first batch of grade evaluation and evaluation team of the China Badminton Association;

Work: Formulate syllabus at all levels; scientifically decompose technical actions, and train all coaches in a unified and standardized manner;

The national badminton team retired in 2001, focusing on youth badminton training for more than 10 years
1996-2000 China National Badminton Team
1990-1996 Zhejiang Badminton Team

[Main Results]

1996.8 Won the women's singles champion and women's doubles runner-up in the Asian Youth Championship;
Singles runner-up in the 1996 National Youth Championship;
1997.11 Won third in women's singles and third in mixed doubles at the World Badminton Open;
The fourth place in the women's team of the 8th National Games in 1997, the main member of Zhejiang team;

I love every child who jumps on the court. Seeing them practicing hard and sweating like rain on the court is like seeing the hard work I practiced when I was a child. I have experienced wind and rain and tempered my mind to become talented! Hope that every child can feel the value of life from sports and experience the happiness of sports!